Boston Beef is one of the rare local shops with high quality food. The butchers are so helpful with their information. I always get my rib meat for braciole and I recently got a smoker. They advised me trying a cap steak in the smoker it came out great. Love that place!

Laurie R.
Dedham, MA

Every year without fail I preorder the gray corned beef that they corn themselves and it is by far the best corned beef you will ever have! If that's not your bag then you can't go wrong with the marinated steak tips and chicken the frozen scallops wrapped in bacon, the cuts of beef that they have and what they don't you can order. If you live in Norwood and your not going to Boston Beef, you're missing out!

Kerri M.
Norwood, MA

First I love steak but it has to be thick so I can cook it Pittsburgh style. That is char on the outside but pink to red inside. When I go in there they pull out a NY strip and ask me how thick do I want it? One time I got a 3 pounder 2 inch thick T bone. I have never gotten a bad piece of beef there and always go there.

Edward P.
Milford, MA

Best finest restaurant quality meats! TOP quality, easy to heat frozen appetizers, all sorts of raviolis, the chicken cordon bleu bites are a must! The Butcher/0wner clearly cares about delivering great food for his customers - here quality reigns supreme. This place is a gem!

Sharon M.
Norwood, MA

This place rocks. It's hard to find a real butcher these days, but the folks here totally fit the bill. Although I can't say enough about the quality of the meats, I am mostly impressed by the knowledge of the staff. I made a standing rib roast last Christmas under the guidance of one of the butchers. It was PHENOMENAL - and my guests were truly impressed. Boston Beef will NEVER disappoint!

Nancy D.
Norwood, MA

Went here after a colleague of mine recommended it. Fantastic place for meat. Got the marinated steak tips and cheese and garlic sausages. All were fantastic. Prices are very comparable to what you would pay in the supermarket but the quality is much better here. Definitely plan on several return trips once the rains cease and spring decides to start.

John L.
Needham, MA

I remember coming in here to get the "Square burgers" as a kid. a nice, older gentleman used to cut the meat here. I think he was the owner. A WWII vet. He had a trophy SS helmet laying out as a conversation piece. I drop by now and then for their same squares that are absolutely great on the grill. I would definitely recommend Boston Beef for everything that is meat. They are still great even after all these years. I love Boston Beef!

Guy D.
Attleboro, MA

Excellent place for all meats. Marinated chicken and steak tips are great. Before heading to the Cape I always stop here to stock up and have never been disappointed.

Mike M.
Ipswich, MA

Everyone is always saying how great the steak tips are at Conrads Restaurant, well you can have these steak tips at home. Boston Beef is the supplier of beef to Conrads Restaurant! Last weekend a couple of friends and I had a BBQ and got a 5lb bag of steak tips from Boston Beef. It was around $40 but it fed 5 people 2 separate meals. They were seriously the best steak tips i've ever had from home. I just looked at the website and there are many more choices of BBQ foods available. I want to try everything!

Amy B.
Millville, MA